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July 18, 2007
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2. Startled by J-Rex1463 2. Startled by J-Rex1463
The markings on the hand are called Blueprints, in my story Dark Mage all Mages have a unique pattern or design on the palm of their hands. They mostly have one but in some rare cases they can have markings on both palms of the hands.

Blueprints are made by pure magic when a mage first unlocks his/her first abilities. Since a mage dosen't know how to control his/her power at first it's powerful enough to produce markings or patterns in the hands. The markings are invisable until magic is first flown through the body.

Blueprints have unique abilities locked inside the markings and some certain markings will do powerful magic. To learn at least one of these special abilities it takes an average mage 5 years to unlock the first one. In some cases it has only taken weeks to unlock the first.

Many mages for generations believed that these markings were maps to unique places or even to unlocking what they're future will be, or the people they will become one day. Quite a few markings are compass like and point in many directions .Some mages that are true believers of this will spend their whole life trying to figure out what the markings are and what kind of map it is meant to be.

Well I hope you like it, i might make somemore.

Blueprints (C) J-Rex1463
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i love mages and that picture is pretty awsome. how long did it take you?
J-Rex1463 Jul 6, 2008  Student General Artist
i think about 15 to 20 minutes or so. thank you :)
amxed Aug 22, 2007
awesome markings. I try to do them myself but they always end up unnatural...:D
J-Rex1463 Aug 22, 2007  Student General Artist
Well thank you :)

and i appreciate the watch and fav
O.O That . . . is . . . so . . . . awesome!
And I love the concept behind it! =D Very creative!!!
J-Rex1463 Jul 22, 2007  Student General Artist
thank u i appreicate it :D :hug:
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